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We Can Help.

We are a mother daughter practice with a genuine desire to help, an ability to quickly connect, and a commitment to your healing. We offer supportive, solution focused counseling, and in-depth therapy.

Our growing practice now includes a counselor who specializes in adolescent issues and can function as a liaison between parents and school. Click below to learn more.


Meet Alexandra & Maggie

Since we are colleagues as well as mother and daughter, we have found that case collaboration offers rich intergenerational perspectives. We offer the wisdom of shared family learning and growth experiences, along with our combined clinical strengths. With your permission we are happy to offer this unique approach to our clients. Or, if you prefer the privacy of working with one of us exclusively, that’s fine too. We respect the fact that you know best what works for you.


Alexandra Pintauro Urgola

Director, Licensed Counselor
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
EMDR Level II Therapist
Specialist in Adoption Issues
Certified Substance Awareness Counselor
Certified in Posttraumatic Stress Mgmt

Maggie Vlazny

Certified Clinical Supervisor
Specializing in EMDR
Marriage Counselor
Certified Stepfamily Counselor
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Quote of the day

If our primary connection in life shifts away from our partner, it is likely to prove fatal to the relationship.
— Imago Quote

Maggie's Blog

Our approach is always based upon respect, empowerment, and your collaboration in the treatment process. We’ll figure you out together. We’re the specialists in mental and emotional health, but you’re the expert on yourself. Here you can find more on our approach and specialties.

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